But I might need it someday…

I am NOT a hoarder. Far from it. I make regular trips to the Salvation Army to unburden my household of stuff (that I probably should not have bought in the first place). But I do hang on to some things past their expiration dates. LIke empty boxes of things I bought. I am afraid … Continue reading But I might need it someday…

It’s the hormones, guys. Duh!

Neuroimaging studies indicated that the menstrual cycle impacts a neural network that is connected to cognitive control of emotion. When you draw a line between the work of Dr. Thomas Brown who now believes that emotion plays a major role in the ADHD brain and this new research, it begins to make sense that women’s ADHD brains are at the whim of forces beyond voluntary control..

Vyvanse approved as treatment for binge eating

My mom took “diet pills” back in the ’60s and cleaned house until 3 am! Years later she told me that she loved getting so much done. Those little pepper-upper diet pills were amphetamines, the forerunner of popular ADHD medications like Adderall. Looks like we’ve come full circle: January 30, 2015 the FDA approved Vyvanse•, … Continue reading Vyvanse approved as treatment for binge eating

Taming the grocery list monster

This is no ordinary grocery list. It’s a customized list of the things I use and need to replenish regularly. AND it’s organized by the layout of my favorite grocery store. AND it’s attached to the front of my refrigerator so I can easily check off the items I need, then whisk it off to the store with me.