Coming to grips with reality

Victor will finally have to go on oxygen. For a 63-year-old cystic fibrosis patient, thats probably not a startling statement. But for me, it spells the real beginning of the finale. And I am rocked to my foundations. I just read an article about how CF patients die. I was surprised to learn that most […]

Taming the grocery list monster

This is no ordinary grocery list. It’s a customized list of the things I use and need to replenish regularly. AND it’s organized by the layout of my favorite grocery store. AND it’s attached to the front of my refrigerator so I can easily check off the items I need, then whisk it off to the store with me.

What you focus on (gasp!) e-x-p-a-n-d-s

Make the impossible possible!

My attention leaves a tell-tale imprint of what I truly think is important. Regardless of the thoughts that stream through my mind or the words I speak out loud, my true focus/priorities are reflected in the action I take. When I pay only lip service to exercise or nutritious eating or stress reduction I am saying that none of them are truly important to me. To change my life, I must first decide to change my focus

Fat cells gum up brain synapses

mouse on wheel

 I’ve said before that exercise cures all ills – well, most of them anyway – and now there’s even more proof. A New York Times article (http://well NULL.blogs NULL.nytimes NULL.S NULL.&region=FixedCenter&action=click&pgtype=article) reports on a study that shows obesity can actually cause cognition to flounder and exercise reverses that effect. The study was done on […]

“Tiles” may eliminate ADHD frenzy


“Tiles” is a soon-to-be-released product with an accompanying app that keeps track of your stuff so you can find it easily and quickly using GPS and bluetooth technology. Yep. You attach a 1″x1″ Tile to your keys, your laptop, your purse, your bike … and if you lose any “tiled” items, you can find it using the Tiles app on your iPhone or iPad (yes it only works with iOS right now).


ADDiva in the kitchen

Tomato Soup

I’m a good cook. Really, I am. But I don’t cook. Really, I don’t. Unless forced to do so by a hungry mob. Or unexpected company. Or predictable holidays (although my preferred solution to all of these situations is a visit to our local restaurant).
I realize that my culinary techniques (yes, I do have some) are highly influenced by my ADHD…