Know what you should be doing but can’t quite DO it?
Tired of breaking promises – to yourself and everyone else?
Finally ready to change how you handle your ADHD?

Maybe it’s time
for the ADDiva Coaching Spa!

Six weeks of intensive, remarkably effective coaching with Linda Roggli
and other women who truly understand the challenges of owning an ADHD brain –
because they each have one, too!

June 12 – July 24 , 2017

MONDAYS at 1:00 pm


8:00 pm EDT

What’s this all about?

BYOI (Bring Your Own Issue)

Topic unstructured to accommodate your ADHD concerns  – no restrictions

60-minute sessions, once a week for 6 weeks

Strict adherence to time frame so you can use your lunch or dinner hour to join

Daily reconnection and check in online

with support, encouragement and accountability

The Spa includes membership in the ADDiva Gentle Nudge Me program, an online accountability connection private open only to group participants (complete confidentiality)

Daytime & Evening sessions

1:00 pm Eastern, 12 noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific
8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm Central, 6:00 pm Mountain, 5:00 pm Pacific 
(find your time zone here)

Sessions structured for maximum effect

Check in, acknowledgements, accountability, support, commitments

Safe space to be the authentic ADDiva YOU

Guidelines via the Standards of Presence

Personal coaching with Linda Roggli

No assistant- or peer-led sessions

Next Coaching Spa starts June 12, 2017

My fears and the stigma (of having ADHD) were reduced because we weren’t fighting against things, we were just growing positive things


(Coaching) gave me permission to be and start to accept my ADD”


Thank you, thank, you, thank you, for showing me what coaching can do and how to do it with style and pizzazz.


I have learned SOOOOO much and have been able to apply it to my life. Thank you!


No matter how many classes you sign up for,

no matter how many webinars you watch or how many books you read, the rubber doesn’t hit the road until you TAKE ACTION.

That’s not always easy. 

There are a lot of distractions. A lot of them.

There is your history of – dare we say? – failure (to live up to your own expectations).

You have so many OTHER things to do before you get around to “that one.”

And yet….you still haven’t given up, have you?

That’s a really positive ADHD trait, did you know that? Tenacity R Us. Sometimes to a fault.

But joining the Coaching Spa is like reigniting your passion for the seemingly impossible tasks.

It’s setting a goal and actually REACHING it.

It’s pretty cool.

Now you have a chance to change your life.

Get on with it. Do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Because I’ve got your back. Me. Linda Roggli. A real live ADHD coach.

Coaching works, trust me. I’ve witnessed it again and again: Transformation; Self esteem; Joy; Satisfaction. It can happen for you.

Yeah, but coaching is expensive, right?

Not this time…

Save 80% off the price of private coaching – this month only!

Six weeks,
ADDiva Coaching Spa


Less than $50 per session